CBD was the only thing that cured my chronic nausea. After trying countless medications, I finally found a solution that works.


I have suffered from horrible anxiety most of my life. I have tried a few medications, but I could never get the balance right. The side effects were also worrisome and I had a lot of paranoia when I took them. When my mom told me about CBD oil, I was very curious. After doing lots of research, I found that CBD works differently than anti anxiety meds. CBD oil calms me down when I have an anxiety attack, and taking it daily has prevented them from occurring in the first place. I finally feel like I have my life back.


I have suffered from chronic pain most of my life due to several neurological disorders and diabetes. I have tried different pain medications I decided to quit taking them due to the recent news about overdoses. CBD was able to help me with my withdraw, and replace those medications.


Since a child, I have always suffered from anxiety and depression. Finding a medication to help both of these is tough. The only two things that helped me were therapy and CBD oil. Therapy helped me change my thinking patterns, but it would not have been possible without CBD. CBD helped me stay calm and work through situations that made me anxious, but it also lifted me up when I was depressed.


I have gastritis and Crohn’s disease. Trust me, its no fun. It is basically chronic digestive pain. Unfortunately, there are few medications that work and you cannot take pain medications, as they can cause bleeding. Instead, CBD oil reduces the pain and inflammation with no side effects!